Terms Of Use

  1. AI Therapist 24/7 does not offer any diagnostic measurements or treatment advice on the app.

  2. The AI therapists in this app are not licensed psychologists, therapists, or healthcare professionals.

  3. Their guidance is not a substitute for professional care.

  4. The app is not responsible for the outcomes of your actions or any harm you may experience from using or not using the provided information.

  5. Please exercise judgment and due diligence before following any advice or plans.

  6. If you are in danger or have concerns about your well-being or others, seek help from a professional immediately.

  7. Users must understand and accept that interactions with the AI life coaches are part of the app's services and do not relate to real-life professional advice.

  8. Be aware that AI can provide information that may not be accurate, appropriate, or suitable for your specific situation.

  9. Do not share private and confidential information while using the app.