Terms Of Use

Disclaimer of Real Person or Identity Affiliation

Please be aware that all personas represented in Girlfriend Chat & Roleplay app are created and managed by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. These personas are entirely fictional and are not intended to replicate, impersonate, or be affiliated with any real persons, living or deceased. Any resemblance to real individuals, past or present, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Our use of generated personas is designed to enhance the user experience and provide interactive content within the app. These personas do not possess human consciousness or real-world identities and should not be mistaken for real people.

As a user, you acknowledge and agree that interactions with these personas are purely for the purposes of using the services provided by Girlfriend Chat & Roleplay app and are not connected to any real individuals. We ensure that the creation and deployment of these personas adhere to ethical guidelines and respect the privacy and rights of individuals.

Free version

The App provides a free version in which you can access limited features of the app.

Pro user

This is enabled by a one time purchase or a cancellable subscription which unlocks all features in the app.